Acupuncture – Acupuncture is one modality within Chinese Medicine that uses needles to stimulate points to facilitate the body in rebalancing its Qi when in disharmony. There are 365 main points located on meridians distributed throughout the body. This meridian system was defined more than 2,000 years ago and has been proven effective in treating many disorders.


Qi Massage –  A restorative healing massage unlike anything you have experienced. Siu uses her energetic Qi touch (without needles) to relieve aches and pains, clear blockages, and stimulate circulation. This will unlock your healing energy within leaving you feeling relaxed, harmonized and rejuvenated.


Qi Gong Healing – It is another energetic modality, like acupuncture, under Chinese Medicine that is used for healing by balancing a patient’s Qi. This practice is done by a practitioner who, through diligent learning and practice, can cultivate their personal and universal Qi to their hands and placed on the body for healing. The patient will feel Qi moving through their body and often experiences a very pleasant sensation and powerful results.

Chinese Herbal Medicine – Chinese Herbal Medicine uses herbs and other natural substances to heal based on the fundamental principles of Chinese Medicine. Herbal formulas are prepared through the combination of primarily plants, but also some mineral and animal products that work synergistically to produce a harmonizing therapeutic treatment. Different parts of plants, such as the leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds are used, each containing unique therapeutic qualities. Herbal preparations come in forms of teas, capsules, tea pill, liquid extracts, granules, or powders.

Qi Gong Meditation – Simple and gentle movements, breathing and meditation to balance your 4 Energy Centers (Mind, Emotion, Body and Spirit), connect you to Universal Energy and create free flow of energy. Siu’s style of Qi Gong is influenced by many masters, including the notable Master Robert Peng, whom she studies with regularly and is a certified teacher of his Master Keys Qi Gong 1 & 2. As abundant energy flows through you, clear your stress and experience immediate overall well-being.

Chinese Nutrition – The Chinese Medicine nutrition is based on creating a balanced diet to incorporate a variety of tastes, foods and herbs to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. Similar to Chinese herbs, foods are categorized by taste (spicy, sweet, sour, bitter and salty) and thermal quality (hot, cold, warm) and can be used to support the condition by applying the same treatment principles.

Supplements – Given the modern-day lifestyle and the diminished nutritional value in our foods, vitamins, and supplements may also be needed to support the nutritional needs of an individual.

Moxibustion – Moxibustion involves burning dried mugwort either directly on or indirectly off the skin to promote healing through warming. Indirect methods include lighting a moxibustion stick and holding it close to the skin or applying the mugwort on the tip of a needle and lighting. Direct methods are placing dabs of mugwort directly on the skin (usually over a cream barrier) and lighting it.

Qi Gong Distance Healing – This remote healing is a great option for those who are looking to work with Siu on comprehensive wholistic healing but live long-distance or to support my local clients that are unable to visit me in person. This healing is a full treatment, similar to my in office treatment, except provided for remotely.

Soma Pi Distance Healing ™ – Soma Pi® is an extremely effective technique that quickly heals the body for acute ailments, such as headaches, muscle tension and pain or GI issue. Soma Pi® is Greek for “complete physical body encircled.” This healing is used for quick relief and is via email exchange and does not include a consultation.

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