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Stress and Mindset

Stress is the single biggest epidemic we have going on right now. It is the silent killer, and sometimes not so silent. One of the biggest problems with stress today is that we feel we have no control over it.

Because I want you to know, you do have control over your stressful energy. First, let’s take a look at what Merriam Webster’s definition of stresses, number one, a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, or work. Or number two, something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety. And number three of physical force or pressure, as energy.

Let’s take a look at the first definition. And says that stress is a state of mental tension and worry that is caused by problems in your life. And at work. This is actually what causes us to feel that we have no control over our stress. Because these are things that are happening to us. And they’re uncontrollable things that are happening in our life and in work.

But what if we said instead, that stress and anxiety is a physical manifestation of what your mind is telling you. Now we may begin to feel okay, you may start to feel that you actually have a little bit more control over your mental script.

If your mind is telling you something, then you can change your mind to tell me something else, so that I can overcome stress. But here’s the problem with that. Because we know that changing your mindset is difficult. It’s hard work because change means that you need to think and be different.

And if it’s not natural, it will be too much work, and you just cannot sustain it.

But what if we can feel differently instead? What if you already have everything inside of you to help your mindset. And instead of changing it, what you are going to do is to remind yourself of the wisdom, the beauty, and the strength you already have inside of you.

Remember that saying that you were born perfect.

What if you could reconnect to your amazing true self. How does that help you overcome stress?

It’s simple. When you live from your true self, you can now stop doing the things that weaken you and only build on the strength that lives inside of you.

This will help you change the things around you that do not serve you. You will find your natural power inside of you that will help you deal with this situation or any situations to the best of your ability. And guess what? That’s enough. And from this space of inner self, you will continue to build on your natural strength because it feels great.

So if you’re still having a hard time overcoming stress, let’s stop looking at how we can change what’s around us or even change who we are. And let’s return back to who you already are, which is the amazing you.

You may say that that sometimes that connecting to your true self is hard. Because we’ve accumulated a lot of things in our life that has confused us and may be blocking our inner voice. Society and even family is all about what you should and shouldn’t do. I understand I have three girls. And we do try and codify people into systems. Systems aren’t bad, they’re good. But what happens if these shoulds and shouldn’ts and these rules in these systems don’t jive with your thoughts? You can build up a lot of years of conflict and negativity.

All this negative energy sits inside of you, accumulating and squashes the positive energy inside of you. Your intuitive and wise self is buried inside struggling to break free.

So, if you feel like you’ve lost your intuition or maybe even know your wise self is in there, but have a hard time listening to it, start addressing the energy first.

This energy that in Chinese, we call Qi, is an energetic entity living inside you that you that needs to be rebalanced.

This is why I developed a 3 step system called “Remove”, “Reboot” and “Return” that helps people understands their energy and how to transform it. You need to remove these negative layers, which then allows the body to reboot to a clearer mental state, so that you can then return to see your wisdom and follow it.

The negative energy sitting inside you is like cobwebs in your body. You need to clear the cobwebs.

It’s hard to see behind muddy glasses.

Once you can clear the mud, it will be effortless to connect to your natural and strong mindset living inside of you.

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