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Become a "Stress Liberator" Webinar
Learn, Practice & Enlighten


7:00-8:30 PM EST, Tues. Dec. 12, 2023

Tired of trying everything and still can't get your stress, anxiety or depression under control?

  • Have a hard time getting out of your head?
  • Tried everything (yoga, mindfulness, therapy, massage, acupuncture, meditation, pilates) & nothing works?
  • Have overwhelming fear and anxiety?
  • Suffering from debilitating depression?
  • Going down the rabbit hole of doctors and tests ?
  • On a myriad of medications and struggling with all the side effects (i.e. weight gain, brain fog, and fatigue)

What You Will Learn?

How spiritual Qigong cleared my stress so I could say BYE BYE to my 14 year battle with insomnia!

My incredible discovery of the missing link in OUR mental health – the imbalance between our dominating brain and our neglected spiritual center.

 Practice the simple Qi breath that calms everyone within minutes.

Enlighten from the spiritual Qigong exercise that got me out of my head and back to calm and strong me and SLEEPING LIKE A BABY again!

Where:  Zoom Link will be sent after registration

Cost:  $20. As a bonus, attendees will receive a $20 coupon, redeemable for any of our Siu Ping Healing services, including VibeHealing audios, classes, and workshops. Essentially, the webinar becomes virtually free with this exclusive offer.

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Become a "Stress Liberator" Webinar
Learn, Practice and Enlighten


7:00-8:30 PM EST, Tues. Dec. 12, 2023

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