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"Stress Liberator" Online Course

9-Weeks of Live Coaching

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Can it give you relief in as little as one week?

Yes, as long as you are willing to get out of your mind to connect to your inner spirit

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg compared to the life transformations that await you…

This program is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Watch The Transformation

As Qi energy spans across the globe with Frida zooming in from Sweden, Mollie in NYC and Merlin from a train!

We are talking about reconfiguring the energy in your body on a CELLULAR level

And after 9 weeks you will:

 Sleep better than you ever had

Live life with exuberance, self-esteem and confidence

 Say GOODBYE to nagging stress aches and pains

 Love yourself and Feel Happier without changing anything in your life

Enjoy your family and friends with newfound passion and appreciation

 Have easy Qigong exercises that will get you out of your stressed out headspace into your calm and intuitive spiritspace.

 Trust your intuition, helping you to navigate life’s twists and turns with ease and confidence

Be more productive – Achieve more in less time so you can spend more time enjoying life’s pleasures and pursuing your passions

If this sounds too good to be true

It’s because you haven’t tapped into your full SPIRITUAL energetic potential

This is what your life will look like when you Heal From Within© and you allow your spirit to  flow freely.

My 100% PROMISE to you
Unlock your spiritual energy & it will awaken the ultimate you: where power meets brilliant you!


STEP-BY-STEP: A comprehensive program experience that will show you how unleash your potential by TRANSFORMING YOUR MENTAL STRESS TO SPIRITUAL POWER

Week 1 – GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD:  Say goodbye to the limitations of a negative mindset that dictate your life. In this foundational week, you’ll shatter the confines of the mind and learn to break free from the patterns that have held you back. A journey of spiritual awakening awaits, setting the stage for a life free from the clutches of stress.

Week 2 – EMOTIONAL FREEDOM:  Bid farewell to the emotional baggage that’s been weighing you down. Once you use the spiritual energy tools to release negative emotions, you will navigate life’s challenges with a newfound sense of calmness and emotional freedom.

Week 3 – BE A GOLDFISH: Imagine leaving behind the traumas of your past and embracing each day with a fresh perspective. This week is all about renewal and rebirth. Just like a goldfish swimming in a clear pond, you’ll learn to let go of the past and begin spiritually anew, unburdened by old wounds.

Week 4 – TRUE HAPPINESS: Discover the secrets to authentic happiness. No longer dictated by societal expectations or fleeting desires, you’ll uncover deep within yourself what truly brings you joy. It’s time to bridge the gaps in your life and embrace a journey of lasting fulfillment.

Week 5 – LIVE IN POSITIVITY: Build an armor of positive energy around you, safeguarding your well-being from negativity. Learn how to cultivate a positive spiritual consciousness that radiates throughout your entire being. Watch as your body and mind flourish in health with nourishing, uplifting energy.

Week 6 – ENJOYING THE JOURNEY: The art of staying present is a gateway to a more fulfilling life. This week, you’ll learn to engage your senses and experience every moment with heightened awareness. Say goodbye to the constant chatter of the mind and welcome a new, vibrant spiritual way of experiencing the world.

Week 7 – ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE:  Tap into the boundless energy that surrounds you. Discover grounding practices that ignite a sense of calm and flow within your being. Connect with the universe on a deeper level, harnessing its energy to fuel your journey toward stress liberation

Week 8 – AUTHENTIC YOU: As the layers of stress peel away, your true self will emerge. Embrace your authenticity and let your inner light shine. This week is all about connecting to your soul, the core of who you are, and letting that authenticity guide your actions and choices.

Week 9 – DESTINY FULFILLED: With newfound spiritual awakening, you will now THRIVE by stepping into a fulfilled life where you are fully aligned with your purpose. s

PERSONALIZED LEARNING: We offer personalized learning experiences tailored to your specific needs. Our live sessions are designed to complement the prerecorded course content, ensuring that we address all your concerns and provide you with the support you need every step of the way

RECORDINGS: Access to every recording of our live sessions, including the group healings.  This will allow you to watch at your convenience and be energetically supported 24/7.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Be supported in our vibrant community of camaraderie, learning, and support on Zoom and Facebook. Here, you can freely share your experiences, exchange insights, and share laughter with like-spirited individuals as you collectively progress towards your goals.

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"Stress Liberator" 9-Week Online Course

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