For those who can’t come to see me in person and need an immediate healing, try one of the options below.

Soma Pi Healing ™ – Soma Pi® is an extremely effective technique that quickly heals the body by strengthening and aligning the body-mind-emotion-spirit connection. Soma Pi® is Greek for “complete physical body encircled.” This healing can be sent remotely (no need for direct communication) or be given in person. To experience is to believe.

How does it work?

This healing can be received anywhere and anytime. Contact me at to find out my availability. Once scheduled, purchase the healing below.

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Soma Pi Testimonials

Soma Pi is so powerful and effective. I know the very minute that it’s been sent. It’s saved me on many occasions and on so many of my vacations. You’ve cured my pains in over 3 countries and migraines nationwide! – Allison

After many years of suffering from arthritis in the spine and hips, Siu Ping has been able to help me over the air-waves doing what conventional medicine has not been able to do. She has given me almost pain free mobility for the past several months. The few twinges I’ve had don’t even require Motrin. Remarkable. Sure is.
– Adele

My husband threw up about 20 times over 2 hours and his head was spinning so badly that he ended up in the emergency room. I texted Siu and she offered to do a Soma Pi. A few minutes later, my husband said he was feeling a little better and then fell asleep. At that moment, I received a text from Siu telling me she had sent it. After the soma pi, his head stopped spinning and didn’t vomit again. We found out later that he had a severe case of food poisoning. It was incredible. Thank you so much Siu. – Thinley