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A weekly reflection is sent out every Saturday and hope that you will draw inspiration from these thoughts to help you maintain well-being.

Here are some recent….

“The mind says BUT this, BUT that, BUT why. The soul says Accept and here’s how to move forward.”

“Praying is asking spirit for a want. Meditating is connecting to spirit to receive what we need. Qi gong is a moving meditation using Qi to assist the connection.”

“Where the mind leads Qi (body) follows. Allow your mind to lead you to nourish your spirit.”

“Always do what feels right with no expectations of gain and experience the manna.”

“The brain has become a dictator. Take back control from your mind.”

“Choose not to live inside a mentally and emotionally defined box.”

“Immediate reactions are charged responses. Discharge and allow yourself time to reflect before reacting.”

“Clearing internal clutter means that we are giving our bodies less to contend with.”

“Evolution is a natural and unavoidable process of the universe. It is our choice to embrace or fight our own personal evolution.”

“When the mere thought of an action causes a feeling of ease and comfort, take action.”

“Declutter your mind by also discharging what’s no longer physically needed in your life with Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”

“Are you stuck in the past or longing for a better future? Free yourself by changing your present.”

“You can’t live in peace if you live with internal noise.”