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FREE Online Masterclass

Presented by Siu Ping Negrin, Licensed Acupuncturist

Stronger Than Your Stress Masterclass™

The 3-discoveries that help my clients overcome their stress and anxiety so they can enjoy life feeling energized, empowered and have an overall sense of calm

In this FREE training, you'll discover:

The 3 biggest myths many busy people will hear when they search for stress-free solutions
An ancient Chinese formula that holds the power to a fearless and joyful life… but hasn’t been shared in the mainstream
Why “thinking positive” almost never works and the one surefire technique to use instead
The common MISCONCEPTION many health coaches and gurus believe about “stress management”
Why the brain can’t help with anxiety relief (despite what others may believe)

About your host

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See The Stress Freedom Formula That Has Liberated
Hundreds Of Clients From Their Stressed Out Lives…

When I became debilitated with stress and anxiety, I was sure I had all the tools needed to regain control over my life.  As an acupuncturist, I knew how to tap into my body’s natural ability to heal… or so I thought.
Everything I did only gave me temporary results, at best.  I knew there was a missing piece.  It took me years of research and testing, but I was determined to find the answer. 
That’s why I created this course. To help clients with overwhelming stress and anxiety.  To save them from years of searching and trial and error. 
In my 20+ years as an acupuncturist, I have found my my work in helping clients transform their lives to be the most rewarding. When people start to feel calm, joy and empowered, I feel touched and thankful as I see them in control over their life without the fear and anxiety of the stress returning.
Best. Job. Ever. 

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