“Where there is free flow, there is no pain. Where there is pain, there is no free flow”


The theory of keeping Qi in balance is at the core of Chinese Medicine.  Qi is a vital life force that emanates through every living organism and required for life. When the Qi becomes imbalanced, stuck or deficient, illness occurs. Keeping one’s Qi strong and balanced is the best prophylactic measure to staying in good health. Chinese Medicine cannot treat every patient’s illness, but every illness will benefit having the body’s flow of qi balanced and flowing freely. Free flow means faster recovery for all ailments, better response to medicines if needed, less discomfort and better quality of life. There is no situation or ailment where Chinese Medicine should not be used.

My work is very dynamic and comprehensive and customized for each individual. Each person is unique and so is the manifestation of their ailment, thus their treatment must also be uniquely specific. Not only is a thorough assessment done initially to determine the specifics of the ailment i.e. blockage location, source, remedy, but it is important to continually reassess to gain understanding as the condition reveals itself in its healing. Although, my main lens is Chinese Medicine, I incorporate my knowledge of Western Medicine to bring a greater depth of healing to my clients. Western Medicine is powerful with its ability to reach beyond the limitations of Chinese Medicine by providing more immediate and stronger solutions when required.