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Siu Ping Negrinfeatured testimonials

“Siu has made such an impact on my life. I was going to so many traditional doctors and alt. medicine practitioners and noone could figure out what was wrong. My very nice general doctor said why don’t you meet with Siu Ping maybe she can help. Siu took one look at me and diagnosed me correctly. We cleared all my issues over time – candida, stomach pain, anxiety, back pain, ear/nose tightness – to name just a few – it was liberating. AND when I wanted to get pregnant, I went to Siu. I truly believe without her treatments it would not have happened so quickly with both my kids. So after many many years of visiting Sui when I most needed it, I can say that she does what many don’t. She does total body healing and connects the dots. She really listens to her patients and remembers everything. She draws from her years of experience and works with you to figure it out! The other cool thing – her treatments are always changing because she always learning new things to help patients.” – Audrey Bellezza