Frequently Asked Questions

How does acupuncture work?

Fundamental to Chinese Medicine, is the thought that the main substances in the body are Qi, Blood and Fluids that flow through the meridian system. It is believed that illness occurs when these substances do not flow properly causing stagnation in a certain area. There is a saying in Chinese Medicine that “Where there is no free flow, there is pain and where there is free flow, there is no pain.” Acupuncture promotes the free flow of these substances to smooth congestion and maintain health and harmony.

In modern research, it has been shown that meridians served as conductors of electricity flowing in to the central nervous system with acupuncture points showing lesser resistance and greater electroconductivity. In fact, French research has shown that acupuncture points actually appear as depressions in the fascia containing more nerve fibers.

How long is a session?

You should expect to be in the office for an hour. Actual treatment time is between 20 – 40 minutes and will vary depending on nature of treatment and length of discussion.

How many sessions should I expect to receive before feeling results?

Each person is unique and so is their response. I tell my clients that usually after 3 sessions, you should know whether the work is helping you, at which point we will evaluate the course of treatment.

Do you use disposable, sterilized needles?

Yes, most acupuncturists in the US today use individually packaged, disposable sterilized needles. Each acupuncturist is required by the National Commission for Certification of Acupuncturists (NCCA) to pass a Clean Needle Test. This ensures that the acupuncturist understands the CDC standards. of sterile procedure to prevent passage of communicable disease from patient to patient.