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Our Client's Stories


Total Body Healing

Siu has made such an impact on my life. I was going to so many traditional and alternative medicine practitioners and no one could figure out what was wrong. Siu took one look at me and diagnosed me correctly. We cleared all my issues over time – candida, stomach pain, anxiety, back pain, ear/nose tightness – to name just a few. AND when I wanted to get pregnant, I went to Siu and believe without her treatments it would not have happened so quickly with both my kids. So after many, many years of visiting Siu, I can say that she does what many don’t. She does total body healing and connects the dots. She really listens to her patients, draws from her years of experience and works with you to figure it out! The other cool thing – her treatments are always changing because she is always learning new things to help patients.


Bell's Palsy

Five years ago when I was stricken with Bell’s Palsy Siu gave me hope and help and was instrumental in my recovery. I cannot recommend her enough.



Highly recommend Siu’s Acupuncture!! After suffering from my concussion, the only way to relieve all the pain and relax my mind was Siu’s treatment. Not only do you experience an immediate release of pain, but also brings an incredible amount of new, fresh energy to break down any lingering effects. Siu, thank you for healing my mind and body, you truly have a special gift!


Cancer Support

There are few moments in one’s life more devastating than the cancer diagnosis. Through aggressive treatments with both Western and Eastern medicines, I am fortunate to be writing this reference. Siu’s skills excelled in the following areas of treatment: Pain Reduction, Scar Healing, reestablished a balanced and calm energy flow, optimistic and warm personal support added greatly to the fighting and recovery stages of treatment. Siu has a gift for this profession. Her natural curiosity and genuine interest carries her deeper and deeper into the world of Eastern medicine. Were you to become one of Siu’s patients, consider yourself fortunate to have made this connection in life.


Success After 6 Failed
Artificial Insemination

Siu Ping Negrin is one of the main reasons that I am the mother of two sons today. After unsuccessfully going through a series of infertility treatments, acupuncture would be my last hope. After two years of trying to conceive, I was referred to Siu Negrin for acupuncture treatments by a friend. Diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”, I had undergone six cycles of artificial insemination with clomid before considering acupuncture. Siu was warm, friendly, very professional and extremely knowledgeable about infertility. I received acupuncture treatments for about 4 months – following all of Siu’s instructions. At 31, I decided to try a cycle of IVF. However, to our delight, just before the IVF treatment was to begin, I became pregnant!


Pain Free

I met Siu on a few occasions and all l can say is that she is a miracle healer. Today l live pain free because of her healing and she didn’t just heal me once, but twice on two separate issues! I recommend Siu to anyone who believes in the power of healing because she is the BEST!!!


Unexplained Infertility

Through the acupuncture sessions and caring suggestions by Siu Ping, I was finally able to relax and overcome years of “unexplained infertility”. My family and I highly recommend Siu Ping to anyone who is struggling with infertility or experiencing difficulty becoming pregnant. She is truly a special person who changed our lives forever!

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