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Alopecia was brought to the forefront, thanks to Jada, Will and Chris.  This allowed me to give hope and alternatives to thousands of people suffering with this condition. For women like Jada, the psychological scars can be as devastating as the physical trauma. As she discussed during her talk show episode in 2018, “It…

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Prevent Premature Aging

Aging is inevitable, but is it possible to slow down the process as much as possible?  In Chinese Medicine, the best way to prevent premature aging is to take care of our kidneys. The Kidney is the reservoir for the inherited foundation for our physical health, which the Chinese call “Prenatal Jing”. The West may…

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Oxygenate Your Body

We know the importance of oxygen in the body for our  health. The Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine 2019 was award to three scientists, William Kaelin, Jr., Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg Semenza, for their discoveries of how cells in the body adapt to oxygen availability. This research informs us how cells sense low oxygen…

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