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Siu Ping Negrin is a Chinese Medicine practitioner in the Upper East Side, NY  for 20 years. Her approach is based on the belief that maximum health is best achieved by empowering one’s internal healing energy. Siu helps her clients balance their energy flow through acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and Qi Gong massage and meditation. She looks at each client uniquely and not only treats symptoms but helps clients understand their body to achieve better health. Siu Ping’s unique style of integrating Chinese Medicine with her western knowledge provides a well-rounded expertise that is not readily found in modern-day medical practitioners. Siu’s goal is to teach all how to “Heal From Within” to achieve better health and peace. Her transformative “Heal From Within” coaching program and meditations redefine the meaning of health and well-being. Siu is passionate in enlightening the world about the benefits of this powerful medicine.  She teaches classes and workshops at 92Y and throughout NYC.


“ You can’t live in peace if you live with internal noise.“

“Are you stuck in the past or longing for a better future? Free yourself by changing your present.“

“The mind says BUT this, BUT that, BUT why. The soul says Accept and here’s how to move forward.“

  • “I met Siu on a few occasions and all l can say is that she is a miracle healer. Today l live pain free because of her healing and she didn’t just heal me once, but twice on two separate issues! I recommend Siu to anyone who believes in the power of healing because she is the BEST!!!”
    – Mark
  • “Siu’s 9-week program has helped me better connect with my inner self and overcome difficulties I have faced for much of my life.”
    – Izzi, 17 yo
  • “Five years ago when I was stricken with Bell’s Palsy. Siu gave me hope and help and was instrumental in my recovery. I cannot recommend her enough.” 
    – Jacalyn
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