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Mental Health Lives In

Flow & Balance


Mental Health Lives In Flow & Balance


Where there is no free flow,
there is pain
Where there is free flow,
there is no pain

Free flow is the defining principal of Chinese Medicine for mental health and wellness. Our expertise? Returning you back to your stress-free flowing state of mind by innovating ancient Qigong energy practices for today’s living.

Meet Siu Ping Negrin

Founder of Heal From Within©, Qigong Healer, Spiritual Coach, Acupuncturist

With over 20 years of clinical practice, Siu Ping is revolutionizing the mental health industry by liberating stress from people’s mind and body. Transform blockages, Align the energy and Return back to your strong intuitive state.

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Learn The ENERGETIC way to heal your body and keep stress out of your life.

Stronger than Your Stress:
An Energy Guide to Heal From Within©
❤️ Siu



stimulating pressure points to activate body’s healing potential

Energy Healing

Live your personal best by raising your energetic frequency above illness & stress

Heal From Within©

Heal From Within© Qigong to live in peace & confidence to enjoy life again

Heal From Within©

A transformative 9-week journey that will restore your body on a cellular level to attain health, happiness and fulfillment. You will learn how to maintain your highest vibrational frequency by living EFFORTLESSLY.

Create a harmonious life through practices of Qi Gong, energetic balancing and spiritual connection.

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